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About us

Billiard Service company operates in billiard market since 1996. Now our company is the main supplier for most retailers and manufacturers of billiard tables in Ukraine, Moldova and Russia. Besides, we have a wide net of our own retail shops in different regions.

BILLIARD SERVICE company works in close co-operation with Odessa Federation of Billiard Sport.
Today BILLIARD SERVICE offers to its clients the goods combining two main characteristics: price and quality. Working directly with manufacturers of billiard products lets us set flexible price policy, suitable for every kind of cooperation.

We aggregated under our trade mark the best by different billiard manufacturers. Before you visit us we advise you to finish all other things because the world of our billiard is huge and since you enter it it is difficult to leave.

In 2008 we have received status of authorized distributor  of Tweeten Fibre Co. INC. in Ukraine.

Our site will acquaint you with all the products we offer in details.
We invite to cooperation the dealers from different countries. Please apply for more detailed information billiard-s@paco.net

The representatives of the Billiard Service are situated:

40, Nezhinskaya str., Odessa, 65018, Ukraine.

Phone/fax: +380 48 7150402

18B, Tatarskaya str., Kyiv, Ukraine.

Phone: (044) 237-89-76, (044) 484-54-57

16, Chigorina str., Kyiv, Ukraine.

Phone: (044) 502-45-25, (044) 233-32-44

E-mail: billiard-s@paco.net


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